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Microbiology conference cum pre conference workshop on 16th and 17th September 2022. | *Preconference Workshop: Third Generation NGS technologies. | Conference: Covid-19: Current Issues and Challenges* | Last date for abstract submission extended to 7th September 2022 | Souvenir

Sr. No. Role Name Designation Department
1. Chairman Dr. P. K. Sharma Prof. & Head Pharmacology SLBSGMCH, Mandi
2. Member Dr. Bali Ram Sharma Prof. & Head HOD Gynecology SLBSGMCH, Mandi
3. Member Dr. Rajesh Kumar Prof. & Head Medicine SLBSGMCH, Mandi
4. Member Dr. Ramesh Prof. & Head Psychiatry Slbsgmch
5. Member Dr. Deepak Asst. Prof. Ophthalmology Slbsgmch
6. Member Dr. Lokesh Gupta Asst. Prof. Orthopaedics SLBSGMCH, Mandi

Sr. No. Role Name Designation Department Mob
1. Chairman Dr. Susheela Rana Prof. & Head Anatomy 94182-74488
2. Member Dr. Ramesh Kumar Prof. & Head Psychiatry 94181-89949
3. Member Dr. Sunite A Ganju Prof. & Head Microbiology 9418077308
4. Member Dr. Rekha Bansal Prof. & Head Pulmonary Medicine 94599-33703
5. Member Dr. Bandana Prinicipal-cum-Dean Nursing College 94183-21424
6. Member Ms. Lata Devi President Municipal Committee Nerchowk 98172-77172
7. Member Ms. Savitri Devi Ward Sister Casualty 94186-40839
8. Member Sh. Hitender Sharma Sr. Assistant - 94181-66018

Sr. No. Role Name Designation Department Mob
1. Chairman Dr. Harbans Lal Kapoor Director,Medical Education HP Principal IGMC Shimla 94184-51510
2. Member(Legal Expert) Smt. Aruna Kapoor Session Judge Forest, Special Judge C.B.I. Court for HP 98166-11110
3. Member (Clinician) Dr. Rajesh Kumar Prof. & Head Medicine 94180-84514
4. Member(Clinician) Dr. Rajnish Prof. & Head ENT 94182-14470
5. Member (Basic Scientist) Dr. Digyijay Singh Prof. & Head Microbiology 94184-70678
6. Member (Layperson) Smt. Seenakshi Sharma PG, B.Ed Nerchowk 94598-94428
7. Member Sh. Dharam Prakash Gupta President society tor education & environment 98160-10020
8. Member Secretary (Pharmacologist) Dr. Parveen Kumar Sharma Prof. & Head Pharmacology 94180-71364

Sr. No. Role Name Designation Department
1. Chairman Dr. Rajesh Kumar Principal SLBSGMCH Nerchowk
2. Member S.D.O. ( C) Balh Nerchowk
3. Member Station House Officer, Balh Nerchowk
4. Member President MC Nerchowk or his representative Balh Nerchowk
5. Member Sh. Dharampal Gupta President Society for Education & Environment Development VPO- Kummi Tehsil Balh
6. Member Dr. Vishav Chander Prof. & Head Community Medicine, Nerchowk
7. Member Sh. Hans Raj Saini Chief Bureau, Dainik Jagran Mandi
8. Member Dr. Urmil Gupta Prof. & Head Physiology Nerchowk
9. Member Dr. VMS Jaswal Advisor Student Welfare, SLBS Nerchowk Member
10. Member Dr. Parveen Kumar Sharma I/C Academic Activities SLBSGMCH Nerchowk
11. Member Dr. Partibha Himral Associate Professor General Medicine
12. Member Dr. Ramesh Kumar Prof. & Head Psychiatry,Nerchowk.
13. Member Dr. Susheela Rana Prof. & head Anatomy, Nerchowk.
14. Member Dr. B.R. Sharma Prof. & Head Gynae, Nerchowk
14. Member Representative CR Batch 2021-2022 Nerchowk

Sr. No. Role Name Designation Department
1. Chairman Dr. V.M.S. Jaswal Prof. & Head of Department Biochemistry SLBSGMCH Nerchowk
2. Member Dr. P.K. Sharma Prof. & Head Pharmacology (I/C Academic Activity) SLBSGMCH Nerchowk
3. Member Dr. Jyoti Bala Prof. & Head Pathology (Warden Girls Hostel) SLBSGMCH Nerchowk
4. Member Dr. Parikshit Malhotra Prof. & Head Surgery SLBSGMCH Nerchowk
5. Member Dr. Ramesh Kumar Prof. & Head Psychiatry SLBSGMCH Nerchowk
6. Member Dr. Vinod Bhardwaj Prof. & Head Pediatrics (Warden B.H.) SLBSGMCH Nerchowk
7. Member Dr. Vandana Prinicipal-cum-Dean Nursing College SLBSGMCH
8. Member Dr. Vipan Kumar Bhardwaj Law officer SLBSGMCH Nerchowk

Sr. No. Role Name Designation Department
1. President Dr. Rajesh Bhawani Principal SLBSGMCH, Mandi
2. Senior Vice president Dr. Panna Lal Verma Senior Medical Superitendient SLBSGMCH, Mandi
3. Vice President Dr. Devender Sharma CMO Zonal Hospital Mandi
4. General Secretary Dr. Susheela Rana prof. & Head Anatomy Slbsgmch
5. Joint Secretary Dr. Monali Hiwarkar Asso. Prof. Anatomy Slbsgmch
6. President Dr. Rajesh Bhawani Prof. & Head Medicine SLBSGMCH, Mandi
7. Treasurer Additional director SLBSGMCH Mandi
8. Press Secretary Distt. Public Relation Officer Mandi
9. Press Secretary Dr. Prabhjot Kaur Asst. Prof. Anatomy Slbsgmch
10. Technical Advisortd Mrs. Deepika Maheshwar Tutor Anatomy Slbsgmch
11. Legal Advisor Distt. Attorney Mandi Mandi
11. Legal Advisor Ms. Bhawna Thakur Tutor Anatomy Slbsgmch

Sr. No. Role Name
1. Chairman: Prof Rajesh Kumar, principal, SLBSGMCH Nerchowk
2. Member Secretary: Dr. Sunite A Ganju, Prof & Head department of Microbiology
3. Infection ControlOfficers: Dr. Ramesh Chand Guleria Assistant Professor, Dr. Lata R Chandel ,Assistant Professor, Microbiology, Dr. Rajender Singh Assistant Professor Microbiology, Dr. Anupama Sharma M.O. Specialist Microbiology, Dr. Kirti Parmar Senior Resident Microbiology
4. Members: Dr P.L. Verma ,Senior Medical Superintendent Sh D.C. Thakur , Joint Director ,Admin All HODs, SLBSGMCH Mandi at Nerchowk Dr. Piyush Vaidya ,Deputy Medical Superintendent cum Nodal Officer BMW Management Committee Dr. Rakesh Mohan ,Deputy Medical Superintendent-II Dr. Abhishek Thakur ,MHA (Hospital Admn) Sh. Parveen Sharma ,Deputy Controller (RKS) Sh. Rakesh Kumar ,Assistant Controller, HPFAS Sh. Munish Kumar, Section Officer,HPFAS Medical Officer Incharge Casuality Section Dietician ,SLBSGMCH Nerchowk Smt. Bimla Bharti ,Nursing Superintendent Sr. Scientific Officer of Pollution Control Board HPPCB Sunder Nagar All Matron ,SLBSGMCH Mandi at Nerchowk Wars Sister Incharge of each ward Sh. Manohar Lal ,Chief Pharmacist Smt. Sukhwinder , Chief Pharmacist Smt. Anudeepika, Senior Lab Assitant Sh. Rajender Kumar, Supervisor CSSD Sh. Sukh Ram Male Health Supervisor Sh. Renu , OTA Smt. Sunita ,SLT, DMC/CBNAAT
5. Infection Control Nurses: Smt Chitter Rekha, Smt Tajendra Kumari
6. Support Staff /Services: Sh. Besar Ram,I/C Security Sh. Akash Mehra ,I/C Sanitation Sh. Basant ,I/C Ward Attendant I/C laundary Section I/C Patient Diet Kitchen
7. HPPWD Electrical/Civil & IPH Wing: A.E. HPPWD Civil Wing A.E. HPPWD Electrical Wing J .E. IPH Wing

Sr. No. Role Name Designation
1. Coordinator Dr. P.K. Sharma Prof & Head department of Pharmacology
2. Member Dr. Vishav Chander Prof & Head department of Community Medicine
3. Member Dr. V.m.S Jaswal Prof & Head department of Biochemistry
4. Member Dr. Susheela Rana Prof & Head department of Anatomy
5. Member Dr. Parikshit Malhotra Prof & Head department of Surgery
6. Member Dr. Sunite A Ganju Prof & Head department of Microbiology
7. Member Dr. Jyoti Bala Prof & Head department of Pathology
8. Member Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma Assisttant Professor department of forensic Medicine

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