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Microbiology conference cum pre conference workshop on 16th and 17th September 2022. | *Preconference Workshop: Third Generation NGS technologies. | Conference: Covid-19: Current Issues and Challenges* | Last date for abstract submission extended to 7th September 2022 | Souvenir
Staff Details of Anatomy Phone: 01905-263076 Dept. Email:
Sr.No Name Designation Mobile
1 Dr. Susheela Rana Professor & Head 94182-74488
2 Dr. Prabhjot Kaur Assistant Professor 81469-00720
3 Dr. Pardeep Kashyap Assistant Professor 94180-07395
4 Dr. Pankaj Soni Tutor 76500-60644
5 Dr. Pankaj Kumar Tutor 8360-597762
Non-Teaching staff
1 Technical Assistant: 1. Rajesh Kumar 2. Amrita 3.Geeta Devi
2 Dissection Hall Attendants: 1.Bhagirath 2.Netar Singh 3.Pawan Kumar
3 Store Keeper – cum – clerk: 1.Monika Sen (DEO)
4 Sweepers OUTSOURCE CONTRACT (2 in no.)
5 Any other category Peon (1 in no.)

The department of Anatomy, SLBSGMCH is situated in the fifth floor of medical college building. It has a Dissection hall, Histology Laboratory and two Demonstrations rooms for students, The Department also houses a well-maintained Museum. The Departmental library cum seminar room has over 100 books.

The Embalming room, Cold storage facility and tanks for storage of cadavers are also located in the same floor.

We have adequate numbers of microscopes, slides, museum specimens, models, bones, skeletons and other materials for teaching of students as per NMC requirements.

A research lab is also available with following equipment – Automatic tissue processor-1, Water bath- 1, Water distiller – 1, Microtome -3, Paraffin embedding bath- 1, Hot plate – 2, Hot air oven- 1, Bacteriological incubator- 1 and Digital weight analyser – 1.

Shortly we are planning two other labs in our department.

The Department has adopted teaching & assessment methodology according to the new NMC guidelines for MBBS students both in theory and practical.

We have established a Deh Daan Samiti in the department that has more than 220 registered donors so far.

Staff Details of Anesthesiology Phone: NA Dept. Email:
Sr.No Name Designation Mobile
1 Dr. J.R. Thakur Professor & Head 82210-00198
2 Dr. Shalini Sharma Assistant Professor 70187-87775
3 Dr. Vishwjeet Singh Assistant Professor 94180-02595
4 Dr. Shyamli Jamwal Assistant Professor 94180-56420
5 Dr. Anshit Pathania Assistant Professor 70181-52725
6 Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Senior Resident 94184-92672
7 Dr. Susheel Kumar Senior Resident 94188-69019
8 Dr. Vikas Jaswal Senior Resident 82196-74090
9 Dr. Jassa Ram Thakur Senior Resident 94182-00160
10 Dr. Puneet Verma Senior Resident 70187-09456
11 Dr. Arjun Singh Senior Resident 98575-00098
12 Dr. Anjana Verma Senior Resident 89881-56258
13 Dr. Monika Pathania MO Specialist 70184-76812
Staff Details of Biochemistry Phone: NA Dept. Email:
Sr.No Name Designation Mobile
1. Dr. Dr VMS Jaswal Professor & Head 94184-54345
2. Dr. Anjana Kumari Negi Assistant Professor 99885-09011
3. Dr. Ashwani Kumar Assistant Professor 94182-00980
4. Mr. Sameer Mitra Tutor 97550-40484
5. Miss. Shubhangi Sharma Tutor 88943-21556
6. Dr. Kshema Thakur Tutor 99884-98510
Staff Details of Community Medicine Phone: 01905-263054 Dept. Email: NA
Sr.No Name Designation Mobile
1 Dr. Vishav Chander Professor & Head 94180-69722
2 Dr. Anita Thakur Professor (Designated) 70428-66015
3 Dr.Durgesh Thakur Assistant Professor 70181-26258
4 Dr. Ekta Dogra Assistant Professor 98057-64160
5 Dr. Nidhi Sharma Assistant Professor - cum- Epidemiology 99164-97400
6 Dr. Jaswinder Kaur Assistant Professor - cum- Statistician 85570-06517
7 Dr. Shishu Pal Thakur Assistant Professor (Designated) 94181-18640
8 Dr. Akshay Minhas Assistant Professor (Designated) 70184-00500
9 Dr. Ramesh Chander Assistant Professor (Designated) 88942-80966
10. Dr. Chaman Lal Prasher Health Educator - cum– Lecturer 94598-34200
11. Dr. Baljeet Negi Tutor 70181-95403
12. Dr. Atul Gupta Tutor 98161-95771
13. Dr. Priyanka Tutor 94181-01865
14. Dr. Saurabh Rattan Tutor 98163-31143
Staff Details of Dentistry Phone: 01905-263048 Dept.
Sr.No Name Designation Mobile
1. Dr. Jai Ram Kaundal Professor & Head 94184-65650
2. Dr. Naveen Sharma Associate Professor 94183-05660
3. Dr. Manmohan Bramta Assistant Professor 94182-73777
4. Dr. Reena sirohi Senior Resident 80912-40400
5. Dr. Manjeet Singh Senior Resident 94189-43070
Staff Details of Dermatology Phone: 01905-263138 Dept. Email:
Sr.No Name Designation Mobile
1 Dr. Subhash Kashyap Associate Professor 94186-54200
2 Dr. Anuja Assistant Professor 80103-87922
3 Dr. Saru Thakur Senior Resident 94180-59069
3 Dr. Sucheta Pathania Senior Resident 94185-60620
Staff Details of Forensic Phone: NA Dept. Email: Na
Sr.No Name Designation Mobile
1. Dr. Suresh Sankhyan Professor & Head 94182-62080
2. Dr. Manoj Sharma Assistant Professor 94180-94389
3. Dr. Arvind Chopra Tutor 82193-83473
Staff Details of Medicine Phone: NA Dept. Email: NA
Sr.No Name Designation Mobile
1. Dr. Rajesh Kumar Bhawani Professor & Head 94180-84514
2. Dr. Pratibha Himral Associate Professor 94180-45569
3. Dr. Ravi Sharma Assistant Professor 94189-00113
4. Dr. Santosh Kumar Assistant Professor 94184-63527
5. Dr. Ajay Sharma Assistant Professor 70183-09377
6. Dr. Komal Gharsangi Assistant Professor 94592-95299
7. Dr. Lokesh Verma Assistant Professor 99153-54618
8. Dr. Roshan Thakur Senior Resident 94180-86050
9. Dr. Soni Kumar Senior Resident 96251-49039
10. Dr. Nitesh Kumar Senior Resident 98161-32017
11. Dr. Swati Soni Senior Resident 94182-93692
12. Dr. Parul Bhardwaj Senior Resident 94189-94014
13. Dr. Fariddudin Senior Resident 82198-24676
14. Dr. Sapna junior Resident (DNB) 86849-32512
15. Dr. Somnath Junior Resident (DNB) 74782-59910
16. Dr. Gurpreet Sharma Junior Resident (DNB) 94682-30051
17. Dr. Priyam Gupta Junior Resident 92055-48118
18. Dr. Tanuja Junior Resident 78073-68806
19. Dr. Tanuja Junior Resident 78073-68806
20. Dr. Sidharth Guleria Medical Officer 98829-32546
21. Dr. Rajender Medical Officer 70181-63472
22. Dr. Ankita Medical Officer 88940-19649
23. Dr. Sugandha Medical Officer 70187-73232
Staff Details of Surgery Phone: 01905-263131 Dept. Email:
Sr.No Name Designation Mobile
1 Dr. Parikshit Malhotra Professor & Head 94184-50772
2 Dr. Amit Rattan Assistant Professor 94180-23193
3 Dr. Rahul Mrigpuri Assistant Professor 94180-00895
4 Dr. Vishal Thakur Assistant Professor 82190-47447
5 Dr. Ranesh Kumar Assistant Professor 70186-11725
6 Dr. Ajay Kumar Assistant Professor 70185-56223
7 Dr. Vijay Singh Chandel Assistant Professor 94180-68447
8 Dr. Varun Verma Senior Resdent 94180-48388
9 Dr. Tenzin Dolkar Bodh Senior Resdent 70189-81262
10 Dr. Shamsher Singh Senior Resident 86288-62745
11 Dr. Bharat Thakur Medical officers Specialist (GDO) 70187-22935
12 Dr. Loveleen Mahajna Medical officers (Specialist) 98052-06190
Staff Details of Microbiology Phone: 019052-63078 Dept. Email:
Sr.No Name Designation Mobile
1. Dr. Sunite A Ganju Professor & Head 94180-77308
2. Dr. Ramesh Chand Guleria Assistant Professor 94180-29010
3. Dr. Lata R Chandel Assistant Professor 94180-04508
4. Dr. Rajender Singh Assistant Professor 94180-63035
5. Dr. Anupama Sharma Medical Officer (Specialist ) 94182-01115
6. Dr. Kirti Parmar Senior Resident 94599-44061
7. Ms. Madhuri Tutor 75972-20826
8. Ms. Ankita Singh Tutor 88946-33535
9. Dr. Priyanka Rao PG / Junior Resident-I 94599-44061

Department of Microbiology (Biomedical Waste management )


Biomedical waste (BMW) means any waste, generated during the diagnosis, treatment or immunization of human being or animals or in research activities pertaining thereto or in the production or testing of biological or in health camps, and including categories mentioned in Schedule 1, of the BMW rules 2016 of the total waste generated in hospital.

The standards, norms and rules on BMWM regulate the disposal of various categories of BMW to ensure the safety of the health‑care workers, patients, public and environment.


These rules BMW in pursuance to the act passed by the Ministry of Environment and Forests in 1986 & notified as the Bio Medical Waste (Management and Handling) Rules in July 1998 shall not apply to waste under acts/ rules

  1. Radioactive Wastes, Atomic Energy Act, 1987
  2. Hazardous Chemicals Rules, 1989
  3. Solid Wastes covered under MSW, Rules, 2000
  4. Lead acid batteries, Batteries Rules, 2001
  5. Hazardous Waste management Handling & Transboundary Movement Rules, 2008
  6. E-waste, E-waste Rules, 2011
  7. Hazardous Microorganisms Rules, 1989


  1. BMWM rules, 1998: Notified in 1998 and amended as draft in 2003 & 2011 under Environment Protection Act (EPA), 1986.
  2. BMWM rules, 2016: The Ministry of Environment Forests and Climate Change, GOI, notified the BMWM rules on 28th March 2016, under the provisions of EPA, 1986. These rules fill up the gaps in the old rules to regulate the disposal of various categories of BMW.

These rules apply to all persons who generate, collect, receive, store, transport, treat, dispose, or handle BMW in any form. These include hospitals, nursing home, clinics, dispensary, veterinary institutions, laboratories, research/educational institutes, campus, first aid rooms of schools, blood banks and Ayush,

Of the total BMW about 75% – 90% of the waste is non‑hazardous or general health‑care waste. Remaining 10%–25% of BMW is regarded as hazardous and can lead to a variety of environmental and health risks;

  • Pathological and infectious waste (15%)
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical waste (3%)
  • Sharp waste (1%)
  • Special waste <1%


A person having administrative control over the institution and the premises generating bio-medical waste, which includes a hospital, nursing home, clinic, dispensary, veterinary institution, animal house, pathological laboratory, blood bank, health care facility and clinical establishment, irrespective of their system of medicine and by whatever name they are called. The occupier herein is the principal cum dean of Medical College SLBSGMCH Mandi at Nerchowk. The Principal Cum Dean will take all necessary actions so that all the waste generated is handled without any adverse effect to human health and environment.

Duties of the occupier:

  1. To ensure that waste is handled without any adverse effect to human health and the environment.
  2. Provision of a Final Storage Room.
  3. Pre-treatment of Lab waste, microbiology waste, blood bags etc.
  4. Phase-out use of chlorinated plastic bags, gloves and blood bags
  5. Providing training to healthcare workers & keep record.
  6. Immunize Health workers with Tetanus and Hepatitis-B vaccine
  7. Establish bar-code based software system.
  8. Pre-treatment of liquid chemical waste before mixing it with domestic liquid waste.
  9. Appropriate and adequate use of PPEs.
  10. Conduct health-checkup of health workers and keep record.
  11. Display waste management monthly record on the HCFs website.
  12. Report Major Accidents in Form-I within 24 hrs.
  13. Untreated human anatomical waste, animal anatomical waste, soiled waste and biotechnology waste shall not be stored beyond 48 hrs.
  14. Report to PCB incase of irregular visit of CBWTF.
  15. Forming a BMW Management committee and hold at least biannual meetings.
  16. The containers shall be properly labeled.

Salient features of BMW management rules 2016

The major salient features of BMW Management Rules, 2016 are:

  • The ambit of the rules has been expanded to include vaccination camps, blood donation camps, surgical camps or any other healthcare activity;
  • Phase-out the use of chlorinated plastic bags, gloves and blood bags within two years;
  • Pre-treatment of the laboratory waste, microbiological waste, blood samples and blood bags through disinfection or sterilization on-site in the manner as prescribed by WHO or NACO;
  • Provide training to all its health care workers and immunize all health workers regularly;
  • Establish a Bar-Code System for bags or containers containing bio-medical waste for disposal;
  • Report major accidents;
  • The new rules prescribe more stringent standards for incinerator to reduce the emission of pollutants in environment;
  • Existing incinerators to achieve the standards for retention time in secondary chamber and Dioxin and Furans within two years;
  • Bio-medical waste has been classified in to 4 categories instead of 10 to improve the segregation of waste at source;
  • Procedure to get authorization simplified. Automatic authorization for bedded hospitals. The validity of authorization synchronized with validity of consent orders for Bedded HCFs. One time Authorization for Non-bedded HCFs;
  • No occupier shall establish on-site treatment and disposal facility, if a service of `common bio-medical waste treatment facility is available at distance of seventy-five kilometers.
  • Operator of a common bio-medical waste treatment and disposal facility to ensure the timely collection of bio-medical waste from the HCFs and assist the HCFs in conduct of training.



The salient features of the Bio-Medical Waste Management (Amendment) Rules, 2018 are:

  1. Bio-medical waste generators including hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, dispensaries, veterinary institutions, animal houses, pathological laboratories, blood banks, health care facilities, and clinical establishments will have to phase out chlorinated plastic bags (excluding blood bags) and gloves by 27-03-2019.
  2. All healthcare facilities shall make available the annual report on its website within a period of 2 years from date of publication of the Bio-Medical Waste Management (Amendment) Rules, 2018.
  3. Operators of common bio-medical waste treatment and disposal facilities shall establish bar coding and global positioning system for handling of bio-medical waste in accordance with guidelines issued by the Central Pollution Control Board by 27-03-2019.
  4. The State Pollution Control Boards/Pollution Control Committees have to compile, review and analyze the information received and send its information to the Central Pollution Control Board in a new Form (Form IV A), which seeks detailed information regarding district-wise bio-medical waste generation, information on Health Care Facilities having captive treatment facilities, information on common bio-medical waste treatment and disposal facilities.
  5. Every occupier, i.e. a person having administrative control over the institution and the premises generating biomedical waste shall pre-treat the laboratory waste, microbiological waste, blood samples, and blood bags through disinfection or sterilization on-site in the manner as prescribed by the World Health Organization (WHO) or guidelines on safe management of wastes from health care activities and WHO Blue Book 2014 and then sent to the Common bio-medical waste treatment facility for final disposal.


Non compliance

In case of any non-compliance of the BMWM Rules, 2016, the occupier is liable for penalty for contravention of the provisions of the Act and the Rules, orders and directions as specified in Rule 15. of the E(P)Act,1986 which states that

whosoever fails to comply or contravenes any of the provisions of the Act and the Rules, orders and directions be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to five years or with fine which may extend to one lakh rupees or both



Agreement with HPSPCB.HPSPCB | H.P. State Pollution Control Board Link

  1. Annual Report of BMW of SLBSGMCH Nerchowk at Mandi
  2. Staff Training Activities: Sensitization sessions, Refresher, and onsite trainings continuously being conducted for various categories of staff.
  3. Cleaning personnel
  4. Laboratory Technicians and Laboratory Assistants
  5. Nursing staff
  6. Pharmacists
  7. Resident Doctors
  8. Faculty
  9. Administrative staff






More reading: links

HP pollution board


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E-waste guidelines

Plastic waste

Solid waste management rules

-Enviro Engineers, CBWTF Pirdi Kullu

Monthly Reports BMW & COVID BMW March 2022
January February March April May
June July August
Staff Details of Gynaecology Phone: 01905-263161 Dept. Email:
Sr.No Name Designation Mobile
1. Dr. B.R. Sharma Professor & Head 94180-00193
2. Dr. Nalneesh Sharma Assistant Professor 94184-89100
3. Dr. Hemender Mahajan Assistant Professor 70181-76148
4. Dr. Reena Sharma Assistant Professor 70182-60676
5. Dr. Shuchi Sharma Assistant Professor 94186-51323
6. Dr. Som Prakash Senior Resident 70189-02052
7. Dr. Shashi Kant Senior Resident 94180-28576
8. Dr. Mohit Prasher Medical officer 82191-07909
9. Dr. Vaibhavi Medical officer 88009-71421
10. Dr. Sonkshi Junior Resident (DNB) 99304-64029
11. Dr. Neha chauhan Junior Resident (DNB) 90150-41210
12. Dr. Donka Bhargvi Junior Resident (DNB) 70362-16242
13. Dr. Dipti Singh Junior Resident (DNB) 63778-95214
14. Dr. Priyanka Bharti Junior Resident (DNB) 93892-00545

The department of obstetrics & Gynaecology, SLBSGMCH was established in October 2018. In short time span the department has grown to a health care expert center for providing services to women of different age groups with different health issues including pregnant women and catering the central area of Himachal Pradesh including district Mandi, Kullu, Lahaul Spiti, Hamirpur and Bilaspur.

Department is pioneer in starting the DNB courses and presently second batch of DNB students are getting trained here.

Excellent teaching programs as per new NMC guidelines are running in the department for both undergraduate and post graduate students in theory as well as in practical clinical classes.

Internship program has also been started as the students of first batch of our medical college has joined internship this year in April, 2022.

Senior residents in the department are obtaining overall comprehensive exposures in clinical and surgical skills in Obstetrics and gynecology.

As a part of commitment to national family planning programs we are offering all modalities of reversible and permanent methods of contraception to our patients.

Department is providing facilities of Laproscopic surgeries, hysterocopic surgeries, treatment of gynecological cancers, management of high risk pregnancies, fertility care, colposcopy other than routine major and minor procedures and 24 hour facilities for handling all type of emergencies in obstetrics and gynecology.

Labor room dept of Obg & gynae SLBSGMC
Staff Details of Ophthalmology Phone: NA Dept. Email: NA
Sr.No Name Designation Mobile
1 Dr. Gyan Chand Rajput Professor & Head 70186-48816
2. Dr. Deepak Sharma Assistant Professor 98160-73935
3. Dr. Pankaj Kumar Assistant Professor (Designated) 70183-15638
4. Dr. Anchit Wapa Senior Resident 70184-54792
5. Dr. Vandana Sharma Senior Resident 94184-71535
6. Dr. Anubhav Chauhan Medical Officer (Specialist) 98169-91482
Staff Details of Orthopedics Phone: NA Dept. Email: –
Sr.No Name Designation Mobile
1. Dr. Sandeep Kalia Professor & Head 94183-11121
2. Dr. Lokesh Gupta Assistant Professor 94184-52514
3. Dr. Amit Kumar Salaria Assistant Professor 88941-64160
4. Dr. Virender Negi Senior Resident 94189-01031
5. Dr. Kuldeep Chand Vatsyan Senior Resident 98163-65864
6. Dr. Punit Katoch Senior Resident 82194-97626
Staff Details of Orthopedics Phone: NA Dept. Email: NA
Sr.No Name Designation Mobile
1 Dr. Professor & Head
2 -
Staff Details of Otorhinolaryngology Phone: 01905-243945 Dept. Email:
Sr.No Name Designation Mobile
1 Dr. Rajnish Sharma Assistant Professor & Head 94182-14470
2 Dr. Naina Verma Assistant Professor 82191-10928
3 Dr. Shaweta Senior Resident 82193-75002
4 Dr. Sunil Dutt Negi Medical officer (Specialist) 98058-59882
Staff Details of Pathology Phone: NA Dept. Email: NA
Sr.No Name Designation Mobile
1. Dr. Jyoti Bala Professor & Head
2. Dr. Anita Bodh Assistant Professor -
3. Dr. Kamal Preet Assistant Professor -
4. Dr. Renu Sharma Assistant Professor -
5. Dr. Pooja Assistant Professor -
6. Dr. Sharab Chhopal Tutor -
7. Dr. Priyanka Tutor -
Staff Details of Pediatrics Phone: 01905-263156 Dept. Email:
Sr.No Name Designation Mobile
1. Dr. Vinod Kumar, MBBS, MD Pediatrics Head & Assistant Professor Pediatrics 94181-83999
2. Dr. Richa Sharma, MBBS, MD Pediatrics Assistant Professor Pediatrics 94180-23131
3. Dr. Yogish Kumar, MBBS, MD Pediatrics and DM Paediatric Critical Care Designated Assistant Professor Pediatrics 94591-46303
4. Dr. Anupam Badhan, MBBS, MD Pediatrics Designated Assistant Professor Pediatrics 94180-57177
5. Dr. Chander Shekhar, MBBS, MD Pediatrics Designated Assistant Professor Pediatrics 70188-98741
6. Dr. Rajesh Mehta, MBBS, MD Pediatrics Senior Resident 94185-87117
7. Dr. Vishal Jamwal, MBBS, MD Pediatrics Senior Resident 94188-10003
8. Dr. Mohit Sharma, MBBS, MD Pediatrics Senior Resident 94180-03323
9. Dr. Umesh Kumar AMO DEIC 94182-24345
10. Mrs. Priyanka ANMO DEIC 98579-13639
11. Mrs. Rita Chauhan Child Psychologist 94590-96606
12. Mrs. Preeti DEO SNCU 98056-58720

Department of Pediatrics Facilities



- Ward


- Special Clinics


- NRC (upcoming)

- Milk banking (Proposed upcoming)

- 13 bedded state of art PICU

- 24X7 essentials Lab services

- 24X7 electricity backup

- Portable x ray


- Central Air Condition for thermoneutral environment


Department of Pediatrics has 20 bedded fully equipped SNCU with all modern facilities. It is equipped with central oxygen and central medical air & central suction. We have CPAP, HFNC devices, high tech ventilators, portable x ray (Bed side X ray) and high resolution Portable ECHO & USG machine. We have double surface phototherapy, Radiant warmers with in lying weighing scales, 5 para and 7 para monitors and infusion pumps.

SNCU has highly trained dedicated SNCU Doctors and Nurses to take care of

newborns patient 24X7

In SNCU there are annual new admissions of 644 newborns which includes 221 LBW, 36 VLBW and 7 ELBW patients with 100% bed occupancy for year 2021. We are providing KMC to all preterm and our policy is to provide breastfeed to all new borns with full Location support to the lactating mothers.


- Double Volume Exchange Transfusions (DVET)

- Lumber Puncture (LP)

- Pleural tap

- IC drainage tube insertion (ICDT)

- Central lines and PICC lines

- Surfactant administration

- Ventilation

- Umblical catheterisation


There is 12 bedded PICU and every bed is equipped with central Oxygen, central suction, central medical air, 5 para/ 7 para monitors & infusion pumps. We have round the clock Pediatric intensivist on call. PICU is equipped with all modern devices like CPAP, HFNC, state of art ventilators, USG / ECHO machine and portable x ray (Bed side X ray). Patients treated in PICU for the year 2021 is as enlisted below:

Patient Detail No. of Patients
Spectrum of disease:
Poisonings 41
Snake bite/Insect bite 14
Endocrinological (DKA) 9
Renal 9
Other Infections/Sepsis 63
Interventions required:
Mechanical ventilation 69
Central line insertion - Femoral vein 27
Internal jugular vein 1
Peritoneal dialysis 1
Referred 51
Mortality 11
Procedures Performed in PICU

1. Central line insertions with CVP monitoring

2. Lumber Puncture

3. Pleural tap

4. ICDT insertion

5. PD catheterization ETCo2 Monitoring

6. Arterial catheterization


There is 60 bedded Pediatric ward with central air conditioning. We have 40 beds with central oxygen and central suction. There is a dietician and Pediatric Physiotherapist available in this area. Children are given customized diet as planned and charted by the dietician.


There is a DEIC in our OPD section which caters to all the govt. schemes and programs related to Pediatric population. There is good coordination between different departments done by DEIC team


Is located on 1st floor of the hospital has a seating capacity of about 100 people. There are 4 separate consultant and Senior Resident OPD rooms. We have dedicated child psychologist. Separate counselling, immunization and well-baby clinic is also functional in this area. OPD has a beautiful fun filled play area for children with facilities for play therapy and occupation therapy.

Special Clinic

We are running following special clinical

1. Neurology clinic

2. Neonatology clinic

3. Asthma and pulmonology clinic

4. PICU follow up

5. Nephrology clinic

Staff Details of Pharmacology Phone: NA Dept. Email:
Sr.No Name Designation Mobile
1 Dr. Parveen Kumar Sharma Professor & Head 70189-43366
2 Dr. Naresh Gupta Associate Professor 94181-01725
3 Dr. Shivani Bhagat Assistant Professor 78386-36564
4 Dr. Anup Kumar Assistant Professor 82199-13287
5 Dr. Rajan Negi Assistant Professor (Designated) 94181-01725
Staff Details of Physiology Phone: NA Dept. Email:NA
Sr.No Name Designation Mobile
1. Dr. Urmil Gupta Professor & Head 94182-18865
2. Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Assistant Professor 94184-65899
3. Dr. Rakesh Bansal Assistant Professor(Designated) 94180-03787
4. Dr. Madhubala Tutor 82199-17217
Staff Details of Psychiatry Phone: NA Dept. Email: NA
Sr.No Name Designation Mobile
1. Dr Ramesh Kumar Professor & Head 94181-89949
2. Dr Vineet Sharma Assistant Professor 94184-98546
3. Dr. Sonali Mahajan Senior Resident 94180-65344
4. Dr. Neeraj Kanwar Senior Resident 94186-91327
Staff Details of Radiology Phone: NA Dept. Email: NA
Sr.No Name Designation Mobile
1. Dr. Sourab Sood Assistant Professor 94180-11886
2. Dr. Rohini Thakur Senior Resident 94180-01288
Staff Details of Radiotherapy Phone: NA Dept. Email: Na
Sr.No Name Designation Mobile
1. Dr. Ratti Ram Negi Professor & Head 94184-55528
2. Dr. Kaalindi Singh Assistant Professor 94184-24319
3. Dr. Anup Negi Assistant Professor 70181-92327
4. Dr. Ranveer Vardhan Senior Resident 70181-71907
5. Dr. Kapil Mohan Pal Senior Resident 94182-00835
6. Dr. Rittu Sharma Senior Resident 82191-11620
7. Chhape Ram RSO 91406-81879
6. Megha Sharma Medical Physicist 94187-78802
Staff Details of Tuberculosis Phone: 01905-263209 Dept. Email: NA
Sr.No Name Designation Mobile
1. Dr. Rekha Bansal Professor & Head 94599-33703
2. Dr. Manisha Bhardwaj Assistant Professor 99886-36983
3. Dr. Abhilash Seregtta Senior Resident 98150-82992
4. Dr. Akshita Verma Junior Resident 78072-88098

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